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As you browse the web site, you may click on "ADD TO SELECTIONS" when viewing the thumbnail or medium versions of any particular work. This does not order anything yet, but simply adds the work to a list of pieces for your further review and consideration. You can subsequently delete any or all pieces from this list.

When you are finished browsing and considering, click on "REVIEW SELECTIONS", and delete any works that you decide you are not interested in pursuing. Then, follow either of these two procedures:

As one option, you can fill out the contact information requested at the bottom of the selection form and click on "INQUIRE" to automatically let us know the pieces in which you are interested. BE SURE TO FILL IN YOUR NAME, TELEPHONE AND EMAIL ADDRESS! We will call you by telephone to discuss specific pricing, background and shipping information, etc. Alternatively, you can print out the list of your selections using the "Print" function of your web browser, and with this as a reference, call us to discuss specific paintings or other details. This printed list can also be used as a credit card order form to fill out completely, sign, and send in by mail.

In either case, a telephone call is necessary to discuss total order costs, which include shipping, insurance, and a possible Collector’s Discount on certain multiple purchases. Paintings will only be shipped following receipt of a signed credit card order form or a personal or bank check.

Paintings bought over the web can be returned within five days of receipt, but ONLY after receiving a return authorization from us by telephone, insuring the return package for its full retail value, and having the painting(s) arrive back at the gallery in original undamaged condition, per our determination. Insurance and shipping costs for any returns are born by the customer.

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